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The Trading Post, affectionately called Ha Basiane, by the Basotho, was established by John Thorn in 1903, in the community town called Roma. A shop was created for pioneering his trade into the blue Maloti’s, which soon became the most popular hub for trading agricultural goods.

To this day, donkeys are still herded to the original maize mill, carrying sacks of different grains for grinding. Cattle, pigs and chickens roam freely among the blanket-clad horsemen who come to the Trading Post.

The 4th generation of Thorns still live in this scenic place amongst the rocky foothills of the Maloti Mountains. With trade becoming increasingly competitive, Ashley Thorn decided to convert a part of the original Trading Post into a tourism facility, intent on showcasing all that this area has to offer.

This move made him one of the pioneers of tourism in Lesotho and he continues to be an advisor to the notorious Roof of Africa Rally as well as the Lesotho Sky mountain biking event.

Roma Trading Post Lodge is one of Lesotho’s oldest lodges, stooped with history and culture - a perfect base for adventure in the Mountain Kingdom for local and international travellers. Be it on hooves, bicycle, foot or motor powered 2 and 4 wheelers – you will see the beauty and experience the adventure of Lesotho with Roma. In addition, we proudly host Roma’s only bicycle shop as well as a state-of-the-art pump track built by Velosolutions.

Being a responsible traveller...

When visiting any country, it is vital to be respectful of the area, the culture and the environment. Roma strives to ensure that its activities have minimal impact on the environment and that only positive impacts are experienced by the local communities.  With this in mind – please note the following:

  • Please do not take photos of adults, children and their livestock without their permission.

  • If money is requested in exchange for the photo, please rather refrain from taking it.

  • Please do not hand out money and other items to people in the community, but rather use the systems established by Roma to facilitate any donations that you may want to leave

  • Roma is proud to be working closely with the community to ensure strategic and sustainable development takes place.

  • Please keep to the marked/known routes when using your mountain bike, motorbike or 4x4. The damage and erosion caused to this unique landscape can be irreversible.

Lesotho is a superb place to ride a mountain bike. Lesotho is developing to be one of the best destinations in Africa to ride a mountain bike. The small kingdom is known for its natural, rough and rugged trails but there is still plenty of easier riding to be done.


So come ride your mountain bike at Roma Trading Post lodge on the famous Lesotho Sky trails using our GPS tracks or with a local guide.

Roma Trading Post Lodge is home to the Lesotho Sky 6 Day UCI MTB Stage Race (lesothosky.com


The Kingdom Enduro (kingdomenduro.com)


We have a Velosolutions #pumpforpeace pumptrack on the property, for more information take a look here:




Roma Trading Post is situated in the heart of Roma town. An area rich with history and adventure. The lodge and the community invite you to visit the town and experience the everyday life of the Basotho people in the area. Our guides, some of whom originate from the town, will take you on a guided walk to see the area and meet a few people along the way.


From 1 hour to 1 week, Hiking is a truly idyllic way to explore the natural beauty of the mountains and valleys of Lesotho.

  • Take a 30 min walk to our dinosaur footprints.

  • Hike the highest peak in the area Machache 2886m asl.

  • Do the 2,3 or 6 Horsemen Hikes



Horse riding is popular amongst the Basotho and it is considered the most convenient means of transport where no vehicles can go. Our horse rides offer scenic views of the Roma Valley and town. All horses are owned by members of the community and come with a guide who will take you on a 2-3h tour (depending on your preference).


Roma is within a short drive of some amazing sites.

  • Visit Thaba Bosiu and learn about Lesotho's rich history

  • Take a trip to the astounding Maletsunyane falls

  • Check out our local cave paintings

  • View the splendour of the Mohale Dam

  • Take a dip in the Metolong Dam

  • View the Kome Caves


The notorious Roof of Africa Rally has been taking place in the Roma area for many years. There are countless routes in the surrounding valleys ranging from easy to extremely hard. We are happy to share our routes with you or take you on a guided tour (own bike required). Please speak to reception for details.


Roma & Ramabanta Lodge charges a Community Levy (per bike, per stay) of M 100.

This levy goes towards a community fund, which rehabilitates frequently used motorbike routes, supports schools in the areas and pays for damages.



The road cycling in Lesotho is second to none. Thanks to the Lesotho Highlands Water project and a couple of mines, the road network in Lesotho is amazing with very little traffic. The high altitude and multitude of passes like Bushman’s Pass and Thaba Putsoa, Lesotho is the perfect place to train for big climbs or simply test yourself on Alpine style roads.


Come experience the awesome cycling in Kingdom of Lesotho on your road bike.

Alpine Passes, African Splendour.



Lesotho’s networks of roads both new and old are constantly changing. We are happy to share our knowledge of routes as well as learn from you something we may not yet know. Please enquire at reception for details.

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